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Count Your Lucky Stars
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Pretty-haired girl in the cardigan, I hope you don’t mind if I try hard again, to get you back to where we’ve been. Ever since in the car I’ve been cursing every street sign for Hollister avenue, closing my eyes for yellow bugs and every Chevy Malibu. I am sick of driving by 810 fulton every night, just another stupid place that puts you right back in my mind. That’s alright, even if this city taunts me all my life, at least I know that I still tried, just keep telling myself this was not quite right. I beg to differ. Every single time I’m with her, I swear that I could perfectly fit her, I swear there is something in her that ties us and connects us through all the backyards and their fences, I just hope it didn’t snap underneath me and all my tension. I’m done eating sriracha and ordering Chinese food, those are just two more stupid things that remind me how much I need you. I’m done at the meanwhile and I am done at the thrift store, 2 more stupid things that remind me what I miss more than anything. You know me girl and you know I’ve lost many things, but none of them thus far has ever felt so close to losing everything.


from The Cardboard Swords, released November 6, 2015


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